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It's all coming together!

Well, it's Tuesday before the race. Despite a few communications this week from a couple of C&B team members regarding potential show stopping issues from their participation due to medical issues and RV issues, it appears as if everything is back on track now. We're glad that the medical issue is at bay and that the one RV has an entirely new rear end, including transmission. (Thank you, Lord, that it wasn't me, the $499.69 fuel bill to get here was enough damage to me).

Andy and Sue are in route now and currently in IL.

Tom, Roach, and Scott arrive tomorrow. JimH (the slacker) will be here Friday night.

Our most extensive menu ever is all planned out, and will include the famous Chez Bubba pulled pork, as well as many other delectable meats from our own Mike! Final shopping will be done tomorrow morning and we'll be descending on the Coke Lot first thing Thursday morning!

I received one very surprising phone call from our good friend Bob M, from Texas! He let me know that he's going to risk being thrown in jail by bringing us a keg of Shiner Bock beer from Texas! We certainly hope that Bob and Fred drive safe and slowly as to not foam the beer or become a suspicion to the police in the states they travel through to get here!

We certainly hope this is the biggest and best C&B ever. We hope you are able to get here and share some time and a beverage or two with us (we offer a good variety of soda and water). If you aren't able to come out and see us, we hope that you'll consider getting into our 50-50 race pool. You get a chance to win up to $100, and all the rest of the proceeds go to the Brian's Wish ALS awareness foundation. Thanks for considering getting into the pool: http://5050.CampAndBrew.com.

-- GlennH, TommyD, JimmyD
along with Scott, Sue, Andy, Roach and Mike


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