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Camp and Brew Sponsors

To be serious for just a moment, we have a soft spot in our hearts for the Brian's Wish efforts that have been started by a bunch of good folks at TrackForum.com.

Please visit the Brian's Wish website for more on Brian's story and the charity.

This Miller Lite is for you, buddy!

TrackSide Online is THE premier online provider of news for the IndyCar series.

TSO has generously donated money in past years to support our souvenir cups! We're delighted to have them continue on for 2011!

Be sure to check out Online Racing Services, which is the parent company of TrackSide Online.

Back for a second year of primary sponsorship, we are grateful to the folks at High Performance Project Management as the primary sponsor for our event t-shirts.

If you've got a large IT project that you don't want screwed up, make sure you talk to the folks at HPPM!

MoreFrontWing.com founders Paul Dalbey and Steph Wallcraft are proud to help out the cause this year in recognition of the hard work put in by Glenn, Tommy, Jimmy, and the rest of the Camp and Brew gang. More Front Wing is the official sponsor of the 2nd Miller Lite Keg, the 1st bag of Spicy Nacho Doritos, the 5th bag of hamburger buns, and the first 5.75 hours of generator fuel to light Camp and Brew. Be sure to visit More Front Wing's Historical Indy 500 Journal site and say nice things about Paul's dad! And remember that More Front Wing is your source online for blog, podcasts, photos and more covering the IZOD IndyCar Series and beyond!

Camp and Brew is very pleased to recognize our good friend "roach". Jim has been a BIG supporter of C&B over the years and we're very glad to recognize his generosity to our efforts and especially his contributions to Brian's Wish!

The man known only as "rrrr", has been around Indy for many years as a fan, spectator, and team participant. C&B is very pleased to count rrrr as a frequent supporter and consumer of our efforts and our products. Anyone who meets rrrr, will always look forward to seeing him again! In 2011, he has requested naming rights to our sofa!

Camp and Brew is pleased to welcome back Steve and Stacy H to the Camp and Brew sponsor family. Their generosity will certainly help us make the final C&B the best ever!

Offering 20+ years experience in the graphic arts industry combined with a lifelong passion for auto racing Eads Graphics provides a unique service. That service includes professional retouching and design that will be effective in getting your sponsor maximum exposure where it matters most, on the track. The goal of Eads Graphics is to provide teams or marketing companies with high quality renderings and retouched images for use in sponsor proposals.

Camp and Brew sincerely thanks Eads Graphics for their assistance with our graphics and logo needs this year!

(Click for larger image)

Camp and Brew is proud to welcome back Finest LaserWash as a sponsor for 2011:
  1. Brownsburg's Finest LaserWash, 108 E. Main
  2. Danville's Finest LaserWash, 1285 W. Main 
Want a discount on your next Car Wash?  Check out our website and register.

Many thanks to our good friend "jbr" who is the proud owner of these fine establishments!

Capturing Memories, Honoring Traditions--A tribute to "Babe" Stapp

(Click for larger image)

Camp and Brew is pleased to thank our friend Bash for her support of Brian's Wish and C&B.

IndyRacePlace has graciously donated toward our cups as well as our non-alcoholic beverages for the designated drivers in the group!

Make sure you check out her site IndyRacePlace.com

Camp and Brew is pleased to have Jen and Corey K returning to the Camp and Brew sponsor family. Their generosity will certainly help us make 2011 the best C&B ever! (We'll buy more chairs so they don't have to block access to the coolers!)

Order from us when you 'screw-up', leave the wife as a "Weekend Race Widow",

are tired of the doghouse, or the anniversary that you forgot! NO FTD wire fees!

Order online, or call us toll free at 1-888-216-4253

IndyPortables (a division of Gordon Plumbing) is the official porta-potty provider for C&B. We're very pleased that in light of the charity work we do for Brian's Wish, they donated their porta-potty and cleanout services.

Many thanks to Radio from Power Marketing for our special edition t-shirts and his great support in t-shirts, hats, over the years!


Just over 25 years ago, Miller created the original light beer--Miller Lite. Made from only the finest malted barley and choicest hops, a frosty 12-ounce Miller Lite contains only 96 calories of refreshing goodness. And, Miller Lite has only 3.2 grams of carbohydrates per 12-ounce serving--half the carbs of Bud Light (6.6 grams), one-third less carbs than Coors Lite (5 grams) and 70% less carbs than Michelob Light (11.7 grams). In 2002, Miller Lite won its third gold award at the World Beer Cup for Best American-Style Light Lager and was awarded a silver medal at this year's Great American Beer Festival. You know it's great--but do your friends?

Visit Camp and Brew for more details!

Great taste... Less filling... Miller Lite at Camp and Brew--Good Call.


Thanks to the Indy Racing League, the Indianapolis Motorspeedway, and entire Hulman/George family.


Long's Bakery, the official bakery of Camp & Brew, can be found near the intersection of Lafayette and 16th Street.
Tune in to WTHR for the best in Indianapolis news. C&B is especially fond of Lynsay Clutter who has taken time to help spread the word about the efforts of Brian's Wish and ALS awareness.

The 2011 Indy 500 Pace Vehicle


Note to IMS: We're still waiting on the paperwork to fill out for our courtesy car while in Indianapolis. Thanks!

The official Bagpipe band for the C&B

What is a good party in Indianapolis without a good bagpipe band?

We're very glad to have the Gordon Pipers on board as official sponsors of the Camp & Brew event.

We're still hoping they show up and visit us rather than just being an email supporter!


A very good site about... BEER!

Contrary to popular belief, the "Coke lot" is actually named after the Coca-Cola bottling company that the camp lot is in front of.

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