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When will these festivities begin? The Camp & Brew crew will setup camp early morning, Thursday May 26th.
Any more details about your schedule?
  • Attend Community Day activities.
  • Eat dinner and begin waiting in line to get our campsite at the Coke lot.
  • Set up camp early AM
  • Entertain guests
  • Go to Carb Day and IPS race activities
  • Entertain guests
  • Attend the driver's meeting (maybe)
  • Entertain guests in the afternoon
  • Entertain early morning guests
  • Attend the 95th running of the Indy 500
  • Entertain guests post-race
  • Return to our homes...
Where will C&B be?

They will be camping somewhere in the "Coke Lot" near the famed Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Here is a map indicating the location of the Coke Lot:

(Click on map for larger image)

We expect to have frontage on Georgetown Rd, near the entrance to Lot 1A, across the street from the Credentials Gate.

The Coke Lot is quite large, how will I find C&B? We will have two RVs to mark our spot and there will be a signs indicating "Camp & Brew" marking the spot.

Any late breaking news can be found by coming here to the website.

What do your RVs look like?

Glad you asked, here are some picture:

Additionally, we will have C&B and Brian's Wish banners to mark our location.

How can we contact C&B? You can find out further ways to contact the C&B crew by going to the "Contact Us" link and you can always contact C&B HQ at 303-887-5998.
Do I need to bring beverages with me if I visit?
C&B intends to provide beverages for their guests, but we would appreciate your donations to help defray our expenses.

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