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For the final C&B 2011, Tom will once again (like 2009) be driving the RV solely to Indy. Brother Jim will be flying in directly to Indy for a shorter trip. Hopefully, the RV will NOT need repair along the way, like last time! As the C&B Mid-West Storage Manager, all the requisite ’stuff’ has been re-located at his new garage in Lebanon, OH since moving there in August.

This will be Tom's 15th Indy 500. Also known to many in law enforcement as Tommy DaComic, Tom creates and sells  C&B Gear here. Looking forward to seeing everyone for the best and final C&B.

He invites you to stop by the 10th Annual 'Brew in 2011 and say "Hi"!

Escapee from Indy to So. Cal after 14 years of snow and cold. Suspect at large and veteran of 13 INDY races. Still not a fan of Penske! Also known as JimmyDreams
Veteran Indy 500 "camper" (originally did the Indy campout thing with some guys who coined it the WooHoo Tour), and one of few people that call TommyD "friend"! [grin] An avid computer geek, he maintains this website, and continually looks for ways to improve upon our Internet connectivity from the C&B location. He's the Colorado connection and directs anywhere from 3-6 shipments of "stuff" to the Ohio C&B Depot each year. Known in online forums as GlennH, and is eternally grateful for a very tolerant and understanding wife!


Road warrior, part time resident of Colorado, and Minnesota, Andy (aka. "Pudding Boy") made his inaugural trip to Indianapolis for his first C&B and first Indy 500 in 2006. The first 24 hours were spent on the phone with his wife, who he missed. He then sheepishly asked permission for her to fly in for the rest of the weekend. Sue did, and we were happy to have Andy release the cellular airwaves for other folks to use.


Most-time resident of Minnesota, and wife of Andy, Sue had her first experience at C&B and the Indy 500 in 2006. Although not originally on the guest list, she made spur of the moment flight arrangements to be in Indy on Friday afternoon. She was so effected by the whole experience, she convinced Andy to get a nice class A motorhome which has been primarily used for their annual trip to Indy!


Attendee at the inaugural Camp and Brew in 2002, Scott, (aka SoDak_IndyFan) has now missed two C&Bs due to a business trip and promises this wont happen again. He is likely in the top 10 for gaps between his first and second Indy 500. 1971 was the first and 2002 was the second. For the math challenged, that's a gap of 31 years.

Part of the real and original "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" story (the book, not the movie...it's true, we swear!) and a native San Diegan, he's pretty much done everything you'd expect from a kid growing up in Southern California in the late '70s. Now he's just kinda boring but we let him hang around C&B anyway.

Scott carries "California Refugee" status in his adopted hometown of Sioux Falls, SD. Yes, it can be as cold as you've heard!! His family is somewhat of a mystery to his racing friends because his wife supposedly won't travel. We suspect it's just him, those two labs and a beagle in that house of his. We also think the picture of the woman he carries in his wallet is the one that came with the wallet.


Born and raised in Toledo, OH. Lifelong Indy 500 fan. Saw my first one in 1950 (“The 34th Annual Running”) and this year will be watching the 95th annual running. (Time flies when you’re having fun) All my life I had looked forward to retiring so that I could spend more time at The Speedway, and what do I do? I moved 2,000 miles away!

I first learned of Camp & Brew through one of Glenn’s posts on TrackForum talking about the second annual get together. I posted this reply on May 22, 2003:

I will definitely be looking them up Saturday. I’ve never met them, but I
like them already – they sound like me from twenty years ago

I did look them up and have never regretted it.



Mike showed up on Carb Day at Camp & Brew 2005 with the Chez Bubba guys, but his grill didn’t show up until 2007. Every year since, he’s made the drive down from Chicago to unveil something new to feed the masses. Whether feeding Buffalo wings to a couple dozen of Indiana’s finest or running out of Ginger Ale Giggity Ribs too early, you can usually find him with grilling gloves on his hands and Mardis Gras beads around his neck.


Our beloved "Aunt Barb" who is the official Camp Nurse and Bail Bondsperson!

Disclaimer: As Bail Bondsperson, she WILL NOT provide that service past 1AM on Friday night, as she has a race to rest up for!!! Medical attention is available for C&B Team members up until 9am on Race day, but a service charge will be added after 1AM on Friday.

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