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Camp and Brew - Final Chapter
or Why Things are Changing

January 17, 2011

Since its very austere beginnings in 2002, Camp and Brew has come to represent (we hope) the very best of what camping and entertaining can be in the Coke Lot for The Indy 500. Our goals were simple, have a good time, be responsible campers, and be hosts to fans and friends from all over. As stated many times before, we truly had no idea where it would go and what it might come to represent to so many friends over the years.

Likewise, we had no idea if or when it might come to an end. This, our tenth year of C&B, will be our last as we take a hiatus of undetermined length and evaluate our future. With just one tenth the time that IMS has been around, we are grateful for all the friends that we’ve made and have helped our event grown to something that we could never have imagined.

We remain fans of THE 500 and will most certainly be in Indy in 2012, albeit camping and relaxing in a different location. The logistics and effort that are required by C&B have grown to be something that we feel we need to take a break from.

Please note: Unlike the 2007 April Fools joke we so successfully pulled off, this is not a joke. We were flattered and surprised by the reaction to that little joke, but as far as April Fools jokes go, we got a lot of people to fall for it.

Another aspect that we could not have foreseen was the integral part we would play in Brian's Wish charity fund raising. Since the first year, when an impromptu donation jar started after the death of Brian Hall on Carburetion Day, we have incorporated Brian’s Wish fundraising as a significant part of C&B. We have always been very happy to be associated personally with Brian’s parents, Many Ann and Jim. Sadly, this year, Jim Hall passed away after a very tough battle with cancer. He will be missed and we wish his family the best.

Your generosity in these past 9 years have raised over $31,900 in memory and support of a young man who died of ALS. None of the C&B principals met him, but we feel privileged to have carried his “wish” forward.

If you’ve been one of the lurkers who haven’t ventured past the wire to visit us we sincerely hope that you’ll join us for our final party. If you’ve ever been to C&B, we hope that you’ll make a special effort to join us for one last time and make this the biggest party ever!

In the past, we’ve never set a goal for Brian’s Wish donations, but we really hope you will be extra generous this year so that we can approach a lifetime total of $40,000. (For the math challenged, that would mean we need to raise $8,100 this year, which is a 69% increase over last year’s donations.) With your help, we believe it can be done!

We are in the process of compiling a year by year highlight list which we plan to publish by the end of March. If you can think of a special highlight, please take a minute to use the Contact Us link and share it with us.

As always we are accepting donation and sponsorship opportunities for this year’s event. We’re working hard to make this the biggest and best party in our 10 year history! Feel free to use the Donate link above or Contact Us for further information.

--TommyD, GlennH, JimmyD
along with Scott, Sue, Andy, Mike, Roach and a cast of thousands

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