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Why We do the Brew

June 12, 2010

Sure, we love The Indy 500 and that is what draws us to Camp and Brew corner each May. There is also the need to stay somewhere from Community Day through Race Day as not one of our three founders live in Indiana. We like the camping aspect but that does not fully explain the why behind our efforts in the Coke Lot.

The Brian's Wish fundraising aspect is very important to us. Since the first year, when an impromptu donation jar started after the death of Brian Hall on Carburetion day, we have incorporated that as a major reason to be here.

Once again you have astounded us and have helped us break the previous year's donation record! Our 2010 event has raised $5,600 in memory and support of a dying young man, that none of us met, and allows us to carry his “wish” forward!. Our 9 year total donation to Brian's Wish/ALS/Lou Gehrig's disease awareness and research now tops $31,900. We can only add a humble "wow", and "thank-you"!

We certainly could not collect so much without the generosity of the many people who support our event by donating in person, donating at our website, or from participating in our online 50-50 race pools.

Another reason that we are passionate about this event each May is the friendships that have been forged. The common link of racing has truly crossed over many lines and brought to us people that we would have never otherwise met. Each year, some of them are unable to visit C&B and we miss them and hope to see them the following year.

Sadly, there have been friends that have passed away too and their memory and a few pictures are all we have. One of those was our friend Miles aka. “Mackie”. In 2009, his sons placed a portion of his ashes near Camp and Brew corner. We have no doubt he still enjoys the night before the race festivities (read women) as much as ever, just from a heavenly angle.

The chance to meet many people we have known only through the internet, but now in person, also helps keep us at this. Each year we never fail to have somebody new come to Camp and Brew that we have been waiting to meet, and that gives us a better insight as to who they are! Thanks to all the folks who we have met!

This year provided yet another 'first' for us as a goat named Danica visited us at C&B. She was very well behaved allowed numerous pictures to be taken. She did not show up in a Goat-Pope Mobile and never stormed off in a huff. We may have to convert her to Swiss nationality and then re-name her Simona

By now all the 2010 race pool winners have been notified and paid out. We appreciate the extra generosity of some of the folks who donated their winnings back to Brian's Wish!

Thanks for all your support of 2010 Edition of Camp and Brew. We once again find reason to declare it “The Best One Yet”.

Until next year when we look forward to doing it again!
--TommyD, GlennH, JimmyD, Sue, Andy, Mike, and Roach


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