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We'll be there before you know it!

May 21, 2010

By the time you read this, the first of four RV's that will comprise the 2010 C&B Compound will have arrived in Indy with the others to follow. The lot pre-inspection occurred (as well as the first C&B Longs Doughnuts consumed) on May 16th.

Rumors that there will be 2 couches at C&B this year, may in fact be true. Rumors that for a $10 Donation to Brian's Wish you'll get a free souvenir cup, T-Shirt and beer have once again been confirmed! Rumors that all 5 women that are attempting to make the 2010 500 field, will be spending the night before the race at C&B are just rumors, as far as you know. ; )

Other on-site amenities that we can confirm are: Beer, soft drinks, Chez Bubba pulled pork sandwiches, several other delightful meats, popcorn machine, porta potty (courtesy of the fine folks at Gordon Plumbing), t-shirts, cups and beer. Did we mention beer?

As always, our expectations of raising money for Brian's Wish are high for 2010 and we hope to eclipse last years total of $5,535 with an amount that breaks THAT record. We could not collect so much without the overwhelming generosity of the many people who support our event by donating in person, donating at our website, or from participating in our online 50-50 race pools! (Click here to donate online) In total, monies raised through C&B to help with ALS/Lou Gehrig's disease awareness and research is over $26,300 in just the first 8 years of C&B. Thanks for all your support.

As always, we'll be setting up in the Coke Lot at C&B corner, on Thursday, May 26 and will be ready for visitors by about noon. Make sure you plan on stopping by often to enjoy race-talk with other fans, hoisting a cool beverage (we do have non-alcoholic beverages), and helping us support Brian's Wish. Follow us on Facebook and be tantalized by our Tweets - Even if you can't make it to the Coke Lot, you can still follow us from home with our web cams too.

Remember, a generous donation at C&B of over $10 will net you a free C&B T-Shirt, a C&B cup and fermented barley beverages as well. Donate early as running out of T-shirts is again anticipated.

We can only hope that the weather will not forecast the month's weather pattern! With the much shortened practice and qualifying schedules already affected, a few really badly timed storms could create a lot of problems for Bump Day and Carb Day. Not that C&B is any stranger to rain. We've dealt with it and needless to say, will again.

In our 8 year run, we've never had to stay into Monday due to a rain delayed 500. We'd kinda like to keep it that way, although the Coke Lot would likely clear out of less hearty campers if that happens. The left over muddy mess would surely require us to utilize those extra pair of underwear we always bring each May.

SPECIAL NOTE: We often hear of people who have passed right by C&B, yet never ventured in. Stop that! There is just a wire between us and the road, it is only there because IMS installed it. A section of it would be removed if Glenn would let Tommy alter it. (Glenn just doesn't want TommyD to be arrested) But it is not an excuse to not come on over, introduce yourself, make a donation (Remember $10.00 gets you a shirt!) and have a Brew, while talking racing or anything else with us!

As always: "Don't expect a Camp and Brew invitation in the mail, because the whole world is invited and we can't afford the postage." Come early, beer for the whole world is not guaranteed!

See YOU at the 'Brew !
--TommyD, GlennH, JimmyD, Sue, Andy, Mike, and Jim


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