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It's Just a Number

February 18, 2010

Nine. That's what we're up to. This is our ninth Camp and Brew! At the first one, back in 2002, we we hadn't exactly anticipated a second one! Who knew?!?

Over 2 dozen kegs of beer, several hundred C&B t-shirts, likely a thousand visitors and nearly 1,500 souvenir cups after it all began, and here we are. All that pales in comparison to the friends we've made and the generous donations we've received totaling over $26,000 for Brian's Wish.

Brian Hall was a race fan, a son, a father and in our opinion, an inspiration. That he lost his battle with Lou Gehrig's disease initially had nothing to do with us camping in the Coke Lot. Over time, we couldn't separate our presence there from him.

Brian's wish: To make the world more knowledgeable about ALS, a cruel terminal disease and the effects it has on the patient, family, caregivers and friends and to help create awareness and more interest, and provide funding for research to find a cure for this terrible disease.

The three principals for C&B, Glenn, Tom and Jim, never even met Brian, but we have been profoundly affected by his cause. We are honored to have worked with his mother, Mary Ann, his father, Jim and his hospice nurse, Barb. They have all become our friends and nine years does not begin to cover the depth of our friendship and respect.

So, what is in store for C&B 2010 ? More of the same (fun, nonsense, beer etc…) to be sure. And, compared to last year, 100% more Jimmy D as he has realized that his year is just not that same without C&B, The Indy 500 and the good times to always be had at the corner of Camp and Brew.

OK, so he's really only coming back due to TommyD's inability to get the original C&B RV from Dayton to Indy without breaking down on the highway. Everybody knows that JimmyD carries pliers in his back pocket and could have replaced that water pump (...it was actually the alternator. --Glenn) in mere minutes and saved the day.

SPECIAL NOTE: We often hear of people who have passed C&B, yet never ventured in. Stop that! There is just a wire between us and the road, it is only there because IMS installed it. A section of it would be removed if Glenn would let Tommy alter it. (Glenn just doesn't want TommyD to be arrested) But it is not an excuse to not come on over, introduce yourself, make a donation ($10.00 gets you a shirt!) and have a Brew, while talking racing or anything else with us!

Remember - We don't send out invitations, because the whole world is invited! In the case that the whole world shows up, parking may be limited!

See YOU at the 'Brew !

--TommyD, GlennH, Scott, Sue, Andy, and Mike

PS-We are now accepting sponsors for our 2010 event. Have your company or group listed on our Sponsors page. Please contact us for sponsorship information!

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