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Less than 40 days to C&B

April 11, 2009

Less than 40 days to go until C&B 2009! As we continue to follow the project plan that Glenn has established, we are preparing the necessary supplies, accoutrements and various beverages to make May in the Coke Lot another one to remember.

Due to the generosity of one of our good friends, Ashleigh, we will be having souvenir t-shirts available after all! We trust that our usual cast of big donating characters (and some new ones too) will be on hand for the pre and post 500 festivities. 

We've sent a email invite out the VERSUS Channel's newest IndyCar reporter, Lindy Thackston (further information available here) and her quick response indicated "I would love to come to the Camp and Brew! And maybe I can bring a few racing friends." Lindy grew up in Indiana, graduated from Purdue University with a degree in Broadcast Journalism, and served as a 2001 Indianapolis 500 Princess. It would appear she is well qualified to be on the broadcast team for the IndyCar season, and we look forward to seeing her come to Camp and Brew.

Can't make it to Indy this year? Worry not-- The C&B internet web cams will be running again in 2009. This year however, there will be a $2.95 per minute fee for watching the cams between 5:30pm and 3:30 am with a minimum $12.95 charge. Hey we're worth it right?!?! Just kidding, as always the web cams will be FREE! We will also be running our 50-50 race pools to benefit our chosen charity of Brian's Wish.

Earlier this month we received sad news that C&B had lost another friend. Rick Kearney passed suddenly on March 29th. You can see more information and pictures of Rick by going here and here. RIP, race fan. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his companion, Marg.

As always we are still looking for a couch for the event. Our standards are pretty low, but cushions (mismatched or otherwise) at a minimum, are required. Do you live in Indy and have one you are willing to part with? How about a Grandma of yours that just doesn't remember where she puts things? Bring hers! See one on the curb somewhere that we can use? Haul it in and we'll thank you graciously!

We are also now accepting sponsors for our 2009 event. Have your company or group listed on  our Sponsors page. Please contact us for sponsorship information!

As the season gets underway soon, stop back in a few weeks for additional updates!

--TommyD, JimmyD, GlennH, Scott, Sue & Andy


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