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The field is now set. It's GO Time!
(The Coke Lot field we mean!)

May 19, 2008

Yeah, the field of 33 drivers at THE Speedway nearby is finally set too. Bump Day saw a C&B favorite mount a valiant effort not just once, but twice to let it hang out for a four-lap average 219.015 mph and earn his way into the field.

Buddy Lazier with just 13 minutes left in the day, laid back the wing for speed and risked it all to get there. Moments later, as the last run possible, Mario Dominguez tried to do the same and the walls of Indy claimed another victim.

Buddy walks away with the $50,000 Firestone check as the Last Qualifier and we can think of few others that are more deserving of that honor. And no, we don't just like Buddy because his wife Kara is Smokin' Hot...Although that certainly does not hurt…I took the photo of her here while Buddy made that now famous attempt.
On my way out of the track, I caught Mario Dominguez walking out of the Clarion Medical Center and I felt just like Zoomie as I snapped the pic you see here. It was an intensely emotional moment and I was glad to see the media give him some time to collect his thoughts.

Although many May drivers needed a tow while driving the track, we stopped by the Coke Lot and realized that we need a mow! All that rain has left the lot a little ragged looking...They did cut it fairly recently, but the clumps of wadded up grass could create quite the trip hazard for our guests. We may be putting a call out for a lawn mower to borrow soon.

We can hardly wait to get the festivities started with the Pre-C&B Party from about 7:30 on in the Odd Lots at 30th & Georgetown Rd. This BYOB event kicks off out annual and dreaded "Night of Waiting" for the line to stick so we can be among the first in the Coke Lot to secure our place.

To those old-school INDY 500 fans, I'm told it's like Christmas a second time each year. At least you don't have to do the endless shopping and there are no large credit card bills that come 30 days later. Well, if you help run Camp and Brew, that can sometimes seem to be the case anyway.

We enjoy putting on the event that has grown to a proportion that we could not have imagined when planning the first C&B in 2002. Having Brian's Wish as an integral part each year at C&B is very important for us. We are always glad to help his parents Jim and Mary Ann distribute any items that further the knowledge of ALS and Brian's Wish.

Personally, I have been touched by Brian even though I never met him. His wish was to make the world more knowledgeable about ALS, a terminal disease, and the effects it has on the patient, family, caregivers and friends and therefore to help provide more interest and funding for research facilities to find a cure for this terrible disease. Camp and Brew plays a small part in making that wish stay alive. It is a labor of love and there is no intention to stop any time soon. You all play a large part in helping us at C&B realize that goal each year. Please give generously once again.

If you can't make it out to donate, you can DONATE ONLINE or enter our 50/50 race pools where you could win up to $100, with proceeds to Brian's Wish. For details of where we are, click the FAQ above and center for information and a map so you can find us.

See you at Camp and Brew!

--Written by Tom, grudgingly approved (and edited) by Glenn, Tom, Jim, Andy, Sue, and Scott

PS--Go here to see our earlier communication about 2008 event specifics.

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