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Pre-season Update

March 13, 2008

OK, we survived the Mergification, the End of the Split, the Crash of Champ Car or the Kiss and Make Up of Open Wheel. Call it what you want, but it seemed it would never really happen. Thankfully, the fat lady found her voice and sang just before time ran out to even attempt to make this work for 2008.


Although it was close to the start of the season, the IndyCar Series can now get down to the business of making use of an opportunity it has been waiting for and should be able to capitalize on. We admit, we thought it all might just be one big April Fools joke till we realized itís NOT April! Side note: You have our sincere promise to not do another April Fool's joke like we did in 2007.

Camp and Brew is once again deep in the planning stages for this, our 7th annual event in the Coke Lot. We have no idea how it has grown to this, but since it has and we are powerless to stop it, we will forge ahead and will be there with cold kegs of beer again this year.

We are all about the fun and celebration at Camp and Brew. We are race fans who enjoy each other's company and offer a gathering place for like minded people, in the days leading up to the race. Everyone is invited, so donít look for an invitation in the mail. No R.S.V.P is ever needed.

Our designated charity, as it has been every year is Brianís Wish. We are very happy to still be associated with Brianís parents Many Ann and Jim. For the 6 years we have been having Camp and Brew, we have raised over $15,000, a fact we are immensely proud of. Just maybe, with more C&B fans this year due to the Mergi-fication, and a few more race pools too, it might be possible to beat the total raised 2 years ago.

We expect to be in the same great location at Camp and Brew Corner right where all the big semis go into the Coke Plant on the gravel road. We always laugh when people say they canít find us...We are hiding in plain sight every year!

How many cars will take the green flag at Homestead? We are hoping to see 26. Regardless, we know exactly who many will circle the IMS track on Indy 500 race dayó33 same number as tradition dictates. We would not have it any other way.

Make plans to stop by Camp and Brew this year...Or play one of the online race pools and make a donation to Brianís Wish. Regardless of how you do so, we appreciate it!

We are also now accepting sponsors for our 2008 event. Sponsors will be listed on our Sponsors page. Please contact us for sponsorship information!

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