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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Dec 16, 2007

After dancing his way from the IndyCar series, to becoming a household word in Dancing with the Stars, Helio Castroneves brings a whole new meaning to “Hot Shoe”. What better way to spend some time in the off-season that to see him and his attractive dance partner, Julianne, get weekly national TV time.

It’s the smile, I’m convinced of it. There is no other way to explain his popularity to get enough votes to have won. That smile and the attitude/personality behind it, makes all the difference to fans, both of racing and dancing.

Camp and Brew is in negotiations with Coke lot personnel, and also has petitioned the City of Speedway for a zoning request to install a wooden dance floor. Stay tuned over the next 5 months for updates.

In other news, the Camp and Brew Ohio storage depot is now in a state of change. For years,the pieces and parts of the ’Brew were stored in my basement. Well, just before my 46th birthday in July, I was served with divorce papers. (Thanks, Hon, you always know just what to get me) Currently, some items are being held hostage by my “soon to-be, but not soon enough” ex-wife. Rest assured, the most important items are safely in my control, namely the C&B banners & keg tap! (Note from Glenn: Actually, the jockey box and tap is safe in Colorado)

Despite last year's APRIL FOOLS Joke about ’07 being the last ever Camp and Brew (sorry to those who took that too seriously) we will be in our familiar surroundings come May of 2008. As we have evolved in the past, we will continue to do so for this, our 7th year. Suggestions for what you’d like us to include can be made by contacting us here

It is always at this time of year, that with snow and cold outside, that we like to take time to go through the picture archives here and remember the fun and friends of Brews past. We sincerely would like to wish everyone a Happy 2008 and cannot wait the have the first green flag of the IndyCar season drop at Homestead on March 29 at 8pm! Join us at the Opener Party at IMS.

P.S. If you have a couch located in the greater Speedway area, or can pick one up on the side of the road for us, please let us know….Thanks!

--TommyD, JimmyD, and GlennH

PS--We still have some C&B 2007 shirts available--WITH shipping! Go here--NOW!

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