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Camp and Brew 2007 is a wrap!

June 7, 2007

There was a first at Camp and Brew this year when, of all things, a line dance broke out….We are not proud of this fact. That we tolerated it at all, is a testament to the friendship that we have made (over the last 5 years) with the fine citizens of Beaverville.

Their Mayor/DJ, Brian, had the tunes on request, and the system to play them…no matter what the melodic taste of those in attendance demanded. Therefore, when some break dancing started at C&B Corner on a piece of cardboard in the street, we knew it would be a looooooong night.

Race day morning: 3:00am and the C&B Crew is still up and at it. Turdy Birdy had long since run out of solar power (see the pictures section if you have no clue what we're talking about). Most fans were catching zzzzzzz’s in anticipation of awaking to the sound of the bomb in a few hours. All the time, not convinced that the morning would dawn clear and bright.

Sure enough, as our eggs and bacon were cooking on the old GRILL-2-GO, the rain drops were forcing TommyD. to move said grill back under the awning. Our IMS Productions camera crew showed up, almost on time, and even assisted in the culinary chores. It must be noted that when the dishes were to be done, they were curiously no where to be found?!?!?

As is often the case, the C&B principals departed based on seating arrangements. Glenn and his lovely wife, Janet, left early (and often (inside joke)) for their far away seats along the front straight, just south of the start/finish line.  TommyD. and JimmyD. held down the fort a bit longer, before heading out to turn 3.

The race started on time under sunny skies. After 113 laps, only a very few wet and very foolish fans prematurely declared Tony Kannan the winner and headed out of the IMS grounds.

True race fans, and all friends of C&B, stayed put with full faith in the IMS track and grounds crew. We waited and watched and had a few beers as the rain subsided and the track drying commenced. We’d seen it all before. We were rewarded by a re-start and shortly there after, some of the wildest racing we’ve seen in a long time, as it was only a matter of time before the heavens would surely open up once again.

Although we did not actually hear Tom Carnegie’s voice say “Oh no, Andretti has flipped on the back stretch” we sure could imagine it from our high turn 3 vantage point. With that, the impending rain made its eventual return and Dario ‘Mr. Judd’ Franchitti became the winner of the 91st Indianapolis 500.

Heading back to Camp and Brew in the rain, we knew it would kill our post race visitors as well as our chance to bring up our Brian’s Wish donation totals. We thank those faithful folks who showed up anyway to relax with us after the race.

Sometime the next morning, earlier than we can remember in a long time, C&B was dismantled, picked up, and all but disappeared to the common onlooker. The couch was all that remained, for a short while, as silent testament to the Greatest Spectacle in the COKE Lot.

Within hours in some cases, days in others, everyone was home safe and sound.

By now all the pool winners have been notified and paid out. We appreciate the extra generosity of some of the folks who donated their winnings back to Brian's Wish

Thanks for all your support of 2007 Edition of Camp and Brew. We once again declared it “The Best Ever”.

As for Brian's Wish, we raised $4,600 and have our sights on even more next year. We were also able to acquire a very cool steel folding lounge chair set for the Opener Party to be auctioned off thanks to Camping World. They first donated a single chair that fetched $100 on the spot for Brian’s Wish, so we do want to thank them.

The next official event will be a rekindling of Camp and Kool-Aid on Friday and Saturday night of the Kentucky Meijer 300 on August 10th & 11th .

We say "official", because we have heard that there may once again be rouge C&B South perpetrated at the Richmond race June 30th. We will certainly be investigating any unauthorized use of the C&B name and justice will be served!

--TommyD, JimmyD, GlennH, Andy, Sue, and Scott

PS--We still have some C&B 2007 shirts available--WITH shipping! Go here--NOW!

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