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2007 Camp and Brew

May 22, 2007

Here is our status as of late evening Tuesday, May 22:

  • Glenn's motor home from Colorado, has been in the Indy area since last Friday.

  • Andy and Sue's motor home, from Minnesota, has been in the Indy area for about an hour now.

  • Tom and Jim's motor home, from Ohio, is half loaded and getting ready to leave on Wednesday afternoon. How is that the closest motor home is the last to arrive? [grin]

  • Scott has told us that he's arriving on Thursday afternoon (right after C&B is set up, most likely--how convenient!)

  • The beer has been ordered and ready for pickup on Thursday.

  • The water and soft drinks are on board, ready to be iced down.

  • The webcam has been tested and there will be a link for this by mid-morning, Thursday.

We're all excited to get this party started and are looking very forward to meeting a bunch of new people, and of course seeing all our friends from the past years.

To find out more information about our likely location and schedule, please refer to our FAQ.

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See you at the corner of Camp and Brew!

--Glenn, Tom, Jim, Andy, Sue, and Scott



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