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AJ's 50th, 3 Women Expected, and a
Widely Scattered Chance of Bumping

April 27, 2007

May at the Speedway always brings excitement. This year will be no different. Or will it?

With the Legend of AJ Foyt being celebrated, with emphasis on his 50 years in racing at Indy, we will all get a chance to reminisce about simpler times. When cars were allowed to go as fast as a driver's courage and mechanic's (now engineers) innovation could make them. When builders were independent and their reputations were built on wins and speed alone.

Super Tex has been there through so much, it's difficult to comprehend. He is the only driver to win the Indianapolis 500, the Daytona 500 and 24 Hours of Le Mans. He is credited with 172 major victories (Indy cars; USAC stock car, midget, sprint car, dirt car; NASCAR; sports car). Nobody even comes close. In fact, the only way he could increase his legend is to spend an evening with us at Camp and Brew Corner on the Coke Lot.

As for the ladies (no, not Foyt's) in the running this year, Sarah is welcomed home, Danica is with a new team and a new female (or two?) is set to take the stage on these most hallowed grounds. Some older fans remember when women were not even allowed in the pits. Now they command the lioness' share of media attention behind the wheel.

Politics take a front seat with Milka Duno being sponsored by Hugo Chavez's CITGO. Could the controversy overshadow the driving? Could it be any more ironic, at a time when the IndyCar series runs 100% Ethanol? Could these three ladies be any more different from each other? Could mud wrestling make a comeback in the Turn 1 Snake Pit with these three, or is that just in the minds of all the male racers?

When two women first ran the Indy 500 (Sarah and Lyn St. James in 2000) they crashed into each other! Will we see a cat-fight, three wide, debacle that tops that? Only time will tell.

Will one of these three, or the rumored fourth lady attempting to qualify, get bumped? Will Billy Boat show up and take his place as Super Bubble Boy? Or, maybe Marty Roth will get additional funding from the Canadian Hockey League and be able to buy the necessary speed to be solidly in the show? As always, only time(s) will tell.

Stop back in here for our May 17th update that will focus on the REAL reason 496,033 fans show up at The Speedway-The 6th Annual Camp and Brew. New and improved, bigger and better.

Remember, we don't send out invitations-'cause the whole world is invited

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