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Camp and Brew Update Archive

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Hey—2 Out of 3 Ain’t Bad!

March 1, 2007

Don’t miss the season Opener Party at the IMS Track Side Pavilion behind the Pagoda! This year, two of the three Camp and Brew co-founders will be there with about 400 friends to eat, drink, and take in the IndyCar Season’s first 2007 race on big screen TV’s from Homestead Miami!

As always, a portion of proceeds will benefit Brian’s Wish Foundation and there will be an auction with some really great items up for bid.

Doors open at 6:00PM and there is a buffet service planned to include: Hamburgers, hot dogs, potato chips, baked beans, potato salad, cole slaw, cookies & brownies and all condiments for just $6.95! (Drinks & gratuities not included) Beer and premium alcohol will be available at the cash bar.

Contact Information for this event is Brenda Stone at the Brickyard Crossing Golf Resort & Inn 317-492-2702. Hotel rooms at the Brickyard Crossing are available at just $38.00 plus tax.

Come out and join the fun March 24th, bid on some great racing items and drive by the “Second Most Hallowed Ground” in racing (Camp and Brew Corner) while in town.

Hope to see you there!

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Camp and Brew 2007 March Predictions

Now that the pre-season IRL testing is done, we would like to make the following predictions for C&B:

  1. We predict that C&B will again be in our traditional location in the COKE Lot commonly referred to as Camp and Brew Corner. (Bold, aren’t we!?!)

  2. We also predict that on May 27th, 33 cars will start The Indy 500 race and sadly we predict that once again, no drivers will take the time to actually ATTEND Camp and Brew. We know they’ve all heard of us, they just can’t handle the fact that by showing up, they’d be lost in the crowd.

  3. Really going out on a limb—We recklessly predict at least one (short) rain shower sometime during the C&B Days of May 23rd through 28th.

  4. We further prognosticate that 5 full kegs will be procured and emptied, three RV’s will be in the C&B Compound, that Brian’s Wish donations will top $6,000.00 (somehow) and that many fine C&B T-shirts will be given out for said donations. More fans, maybe a few more lucrative race pools and we hope we can set a new donation record to beat last year’s $5,300.00.

The wild rumors of a major film crew possibly being in attendance are only rumors.  Our PR people, attorneys, and bail bondspersons have advised us to give "no comment".

This 6th consecutive C&B year of mixing with race fans, friends old and new, as well as the general public will once again prove to be legendary for Marion County and well worthy of writing home about.

Chez Bubba, creators, artists, and chefs of the finest smoked meats this side of turn one, are verbally committed to return this year. Although not being able to attend last year sorta bummed us out, they DID provide a ton of delicious pulled pork that help our 2006 Brian’s Wish fund a lot.

Special guests that we expect to make a return appearance include: Aunt Barb,  Sgt. Joe Kramer, Joe Staysniak from WIBC, Fred Nation and his staff from IMS, and Lynsay Clutter from WTHR. Who else will we see this year? No way to tell as the word is out worldwide!

We also would like to announce that two of the principal planners of C&B will be at the the Brian's Wish Opener Party at THE Speedway on the evening of Saturday, March 24th. Come join us at the party and watch the Homestead Race! TommyD is buying the beer!

See Ya'll at C&B Corner in May!

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