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Welcome to Camp and Brew 2007!

February 1, 2007

Now that the 2007 IndyCar testing is underway in Florida, we thought it only appropriate for us to update our vast legions of Camp and Brew fans. As you can see, the new logo at the header of this website is yet another outstanding example of what our friends at Eads Graphics can do! Thanks again, Clint!

Sources from the pre-season testing at Homestead on January 30th and 31st, have reported several things to us. Here are the ones that we are able to share:

  • First - The PJ Chesson deal is not anywhere near completion and will likely be an Indy Only deal. We at C&B hope this happens and wish him about 198 more competition laps than he had last year at The Speedway.

  • Second- It seems that the Delphi/Panther deal will last into the 2007 and 2008 racing seasons. No one is happier than Vitor Meria who was quoted as saying:

Nada QUENTE, essa meios eu começo um oif extra do ano que pendura para fora com os pintainhos frescos do tech de Lincoln!

We are told this translates roughly into:

HOT damn, that means I get an extra year of hanging out with the cool Lincoln Tech Chicks!!

  • Third - Danica is settling into her new team. Recently, Tony Kannan, Dario Franchitti and Little Marco poured SuperGlue in the finger tips of her racing gloves. Although she claims she can take a joke like one of the boys, our advice to them is to avoid her like the plague and look both ways before using the urinal for the rest of your natural lives!

  • Fourth - We hear that although the IRL broadcasts will NOT be in HD this season, one fan will win a trip to watch the first IRL HD race broadcast in 2012 from Tony George's living room. Sources confirm Tony has had an HD set since 1998, when a 20 inch HD set ran $23,999.95!

  • Finally - Chez Bubba once again has been confirmed as the "Official Smoked Meat Provider" for C&B 2007. Road kill is now being collected from the frozen byways in a six state area. C&B fans are welcome to ship their own street morsels directly to the Bubba Boys at the address below:

Chez Bubba Deep Freezer
P.O. Box -20° Below
Way South Bend, Indianer 46620-1234

(All meat submitted must be free of gratuitous tire marks, gravel and most larger bits of metal. Cow, pig and steer are acceptable. Weasel, armadillo, water buffalo and snake must be USDA inspected. Sorry, we are not allowed to accept parrots, snails, bald eagles, pandas or woolly mammoths at this time. Additionally, all meat being sent must be packaged in 12 oz bags and packed with dry ice, salt and a $50 bill)

Check back here at the C&B often….Not because any more updates are coming, but so we can amuse ourselves watching the counter thingy go up at the bottom of the page!

See Ya'll at C&B Corner in May!

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