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Fall 2006 update

October 17, 2006

Only seven months away and already Camp And Brew 2007 thoughts are formulating in our minds. We canít help it, we are obsessed. Not just with all our C&B friends, but the whole track atmosphere, the racing and entire public spectacle...not to mention Brianís Wish. Did we mention Brew?!?! Canít forget the Brew!!!

Having plenty of beer on hand has always been a part of the equation. Because it rhymed with 2002, our name was born. It was just a few cases the first year, with itís resultant large pile of aluminum cans. Year two saw a keg show up and by year three we procured our current jockey-box set up to tap and cool the beer down to a refreshing temperature.

What could we possibly do to make Camp And Brew 2007 better than the pervious five years?!?! Well, we went all out and personally invited Richard Abramson and Gene Simmons.

As self appointed good will ambassador for the Camp and Brew staff, Tommy D. arrived at the end of year Downforce banquet at IMS to invite the Simmons and Abramson personally. Fred Nation, Executive VP of Communications at the Speedway introduced TommyD to Richard Abramson. Fred explained, as best he could, how Camp and Brew was something that Richard should become acquainted with.

Tommy proceeded to regale Richard with a few of the facts and stories behind the events first five years. Richard said he would make the introduction of Tommy to Gene and as the photographic evidence shows, he was true to his word.

Will they dare show? If youíve watched any of Geneís Family Jewels series (Mondays at 10 EST on A&E) then you get the impression that Gene does as Gene wishesÖ.At least when his wife is not around. If we could convince him that lots of attractive women will be there, weíd put better than even odds he would actually make it!

Most recently, Camp And Brew was honored to receive a full color, suitable for framing, Official Certificate of Appreciation in the mail from 16th and Georgetown. It is in recognition for sponsorship of Lap #125 which we did in the name of Brianís Wish. We were thrilled to be accepted by the Citizenís Speedway Committee as a Lap Prize Sponsor for the 90th running and hope to periodically do this in the future.

Check back for our Christmas C&B Update in early December.

--Tommy D., Glenn H., and Jimmy D.

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