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Camp and Brew 2006 Wrap-up

June 2006

It's hard to believe that we've been doing this Camp and Brew thing for 5 years now, and we can only thank YOU for your support, encouragement, and participation in Camp and Brew. Without your involvement, we wouldn't be capable of having so much fun and doing some great things for Brian's Wish and ALS awareness.

By all accounts, our fifth anniversary blowout was a success. We had all the best ingredients for a good party, souvenir cups, t-shirts, live internet webcam, a full range of beverages, topped off with 5 kegs of beer. Smoked, pulled-pork sandwiches from Chez Bubba completed the culinary experience.

We enjoyed seeing old friends and meeting many new. Best of all, everyone was so generous to donate to our chosen charity of Brian's Wish. Every year, we worry that we won't be able to match the previous year's donation total. This year was no exception, but we had to count the money multiple times, because we simply couldn't believe it. Thanks to the donations of all, we raised over double what we did last year for a total of $5,285! We thank you, Brian's parents, Mary Ann and Jim, thank you, and we continue to pray that these efforts will assist in finding a cure for this terrible disease.

Tom, Jim, and Glenn would like to thank the following (in no particular order) for their involvement with making Camp and Brew such a success:

- TrackSide Online
- Chez Bubba
- Eads Graphics
- jbr and Brownsburg and Danville's Finest LaserWash
- The family and friends of Brian Hall
- jcroche
- fl-irlfan
- dogring
- Jeff Chiszar
- Rosco
- IndyMotors/Radio
- Truth Detector
- Leo Hummel
- stretch51
- nd500barb
- mec
- jack harrington
- jandj
- WIBC and Joe Staysniak
- WTHR and Lynsay Clutter
- Fred Nation and Deb Taylor from IMS/IRL
- Wayne, his crew and all the folks from IMS parking
- Speedway Police Department
- Waste Management
- the dude who loaned us the lawn mower
- City of Beaverville
- Woody and Splinter

Thanks again for your participation, friendship and generosity--we look forward to doing it all again next year!

--Tommy D., Glenn H., and Jimmy D.

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