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Camp and Brew 2006

May 2006

It's Finally May!

Every spring, it natural for a young manís thoughts to turn to Camp and Brew! That time of year when race fans can gather on a grassy plain known as the COKE Lot. We hope youíll join us in this 5th Anniversary Brew from the opening of the Lot gate at 7am on the Thursday 25th until the sun sits high in the sky at noon on Monday the 29.

Once again we will be raising funds and awareness for Brianís Wish. We will be relaxing and enjoying race fans from all over the country and as many countries as we can. We just might take time to enjoy a few beers too.

Hopes are high for a rain free and another injury free Camp and Brew; one with all the sites, sounds, smells and spectacle that we have come to expect (or create) in the last four years.

Although our good friends at Chez Bubba will not make the trek this year, they have promised a little something for us to share, so fear not!

Other things on tap for this yearís Camp and Brew include:
- 2006 C&B collectorís cups
- 5th anniversary t-shirts
- Photo montage of the first 4 years of C&B
- More non-alcoholic beverage options

Look for the CAMP & BREW street sign in Lot 1A just outside the fourth IMS turn. Weíll have two RVís, a very large white shelter and lots of people about. Donít be shy, just come on in and say hello. Donate to Brianís Wish and that days beer is on us!

Hope to see you there!

Tommy D., Glenn H., and Jimmy D.

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