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Nearly may

March 2006

The 2006 season is underway, albeit on a very sad note with the death of Rahal Letterman driver Paul Dana.  Clearly, he was a driver dedicated to making his personal dream come true.  Through this tragedy, our thoughts and prayers are for Paul's wife and extended family at the team.  We share sympathies too with the Ethanol Council, who he worked tirelessly for.

We believe that Patrick at TSO said it best:
“If you never met Paul Dana, let me tell you why I admired the guy. I only knew him from standard media/driver interaction, but he was around a lot. He was always an interesting guy to interview and extremely professional in how he handled himself. He was also dedicated to making himself into the best driver he could be.

Paul Dana had a dream - and he did EVERYTHING he could to make that dream a reality. Calling him a ride-buyer might be factually accurate, but to use that as a put-down is lazy and wrong on many, many levels.

Paul created a program that allowed him to race. After graduating from Northwestern, he found racing and pursued it with a passion and determination that should be commended and lauded. If only we all worked that hard the world would be a happier place."

We are all about the fun and celebration at Camp and Brew. We are race fans who enjoy each others company and offer a gathering place for like minded people, in the days leading up to the race.

Our designated charity is Brian’s Wish. We are very happy to be associated with Brian’s parents Many Ann and Jim. It will be a real challenge this year to top the total of $2,630 that we raised last May. For the 4 short years we have been having Camp and Brew, we have raised over $5,000, a fact we are immensely proud of. Just maybe, with more C&B fans this year, and maybe a few more race pools, it might be possible to beat last year’s total.

Highlights from last year included having Fred Nation from IMS, our friend Sgt. Joe Kramer, Joe Staysniak from WIBC as well as Petty Officer Sharalee Wirt (fresh from singing the national anthem at the race) stop by for a taste of the Brew atmosphere. Who will we see this year? Gene Simmons? Danica? Maybe Mindy, for all we know. Just make sure to get yourself there and see.

We will have two full size RV’s at this year’s Brew. The original 20 footer and the second, larger more luxurious RV will soon be making the trip in from Colorado. Complete with IRL Logo, Glenn’s motor home will be a welcome and appropriate addition for the 5th year celebration. His work at installing a horn that plays “Back Home Again in Indiana” is ongoing.

Chez Bubba, purveyors of the finest smoked meats, may not make the trek this year, but they have pledged several forms of support, including some pre-smoked pulled pork. We hope they join us, but understand that weddings and other family obligations can occasionally get in the way of a great time.

As we get down to the wire, we ask that you sign up for our mailing list here, to ensure you keep up to date with the latest happenings of Camp and Brew.

Thanks for stopping by! We hope to see YOU at the corner of Camp and Brew at the Indy Coke Lot in a few short weeks!
Tommy D., Glenn H., and Jimmy D.


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