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Working hard to be the 2nd Greatest Spectacle in Racing!!!

May 2005

May is in full swing and so is the C&B Management, Staff Assistants, Suppliers and it’s numerous Volunteers...OK, so that really means Glenn, Jimmy D. and TommyD. Realize there are only a few short days left to quit procrastinating and get something done! 

On the right, you'll find a picture of TommyD relaxing, between his preparation tasks, on this year's
"new old couch".

Several keg sponsorships have been received from good friends who thirst for their favorite brew...but there is still time.  You too can be considered a good friend of Camp and Brew by the donation a keg...contact Glenn for details.  A supply of Jack Daniels Lynchburg Lemonade has been donated as well to give the 05 Brew a new twist.

The popular porta potty has been upgraded to DELUXE, We're not sure if that means it’s a two story, has a scenic view window or maybe a washroom attendant to hand you the T.P. but it’s gotta be worth the extra 98¢ that JimmyD Is forking over for it!

Last minute information will be available on this site.  In general, look for us in the same location at Camp and Brew Corner where the semis go into the COKE Plant on the gravel road.  We have a nearly fool-proof plan to acquire that spot.  Never under estimate the power of fools—we can be pretty creative when necessary! Questions?  Hit the Contact link above, to the right...We can’t promise a response anytime soon, but hey, ya never know!

Last year over $1,600 was given to Brian’s Wish. And we hope to top that for this year.  Please give generously at the C&B Donation Box located near the Jockey Box Keg System. It’s a worthy cause that is close to our hearts.

It all Starts May 25th on Community Day as the RV will roll into town about noon.  Actual site set-up follows the “COKE Lot Land Rush” at 7am or so on Thursday morning. The race has been a spectacle for over 80 years… Although considerably newer, Camp and Brew promises to burn itself in your memory just as deeply! Go here for more info on our schedule.

On a serious note:

The racing community lost a good friend recently when John ‘Railbird’ Gaughan passed away unexpectedly in late April.  John was a friend of many race friends and a big supporter of Brian's Wish.  He was a well known Flag Room patron and Camp and Brew participant and will be greatly missed. We believe John would want his friends to hoist a beer in honor of the Indy 500 and donate to Brian's Wish. We can provide both of those opportunities at Camp and Brew. Our heartfelt thoughts and prayers continue for his wife, son and extended family. Godspeed, John.


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