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Approaching the 30 Days To Go Mark!!!

April 2005

Yes, race fans (and those who just use the Indy 500 as an excuse to go to C & B) time marches on and so do our plans for Da Brew ’05 Edition.

The Brew cups have arrived at the C & B HQ/Storage Depot and we are awaiting the arrival of T-shirts any day now (courtesy of our great friend, Radio to which we can only say -- MANY THANKS!) Additionally, there is one more new, limited-edition collectors item, available ONLY at the Brew this year thanks to sponsors IRWIN UNION BANK, Beavercreek Florist and will also feature the Brian’s Wish logo. You’ll have to attend to get one of these surprise items!

We expect to be in the same location at Camp and Brew Corner right where all the big semis go into the COKE Plant on the gravel road. Security is expected to be provided by Sgt K. and several others of Speedway’s Finest. After the hilarious early morning arrest of an “undesirable” who damaged our campsite last year, we’re a bit more serious this year about security.

We trust the Chez Bubba guys will be nearby once again so that great eats will be available for a donation to Brian’s Wish. Last year over $1,600 was given to this worthy cause thanks to our guests.

The porta-potty will be back, and smelling Minty-Fresh...We are taking additional steps to ensure that it stays that way this year!

Questions? Contact us!...We promise a response by mid-June (or sooner if you're a hot chick and send a picture)!

Come by this year and have a brew on us. There’s nothing quite like Indy in May and great traditions like Camp and Brew !

 -- Tommy DaComic


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