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In 2005 "BREW NEWS": 

January 2005

Sponsorship for plastic cups has been secured and rumor has it they have been ordered in a color other than white.  Collectors take note: the set of 12 + one signed cup, was given away at the Brickyard March 6th Opener party.  That ‘Mint Set’ will probably make a debut on E-Bay soon!

We’ll be changing from kegs of Coors Light to Miller Light.  The reasons have to do with Miller's involvement with the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Coors' complete lack of response to Coloradan Glenn’s request for goodies for use/distribution at C&B, among other things.  Our good friend fl-indyfan will be responsible for sponsoring the first keg of beer--the only catch is it has to be Budweiser.  You too can be considered a good friend and sponsor of Camp and Brew by donating towards a keg of beer...contact Glenn for details.                         

Pictures will be forthcoming of a New Old Couch to replace last years model that we graciously donated to the Coke Lot...They seemed to have found it a new home since it is no longer where we left it at Camp and Brew Corner?!?

Come by this year and have a brew on us. DownForce members just might get a little something extra for wearing appropriate logo-wear! There’s nothing quite like Indy in May and great traditions like Camp and Brew !

Questions?  Contact us!...We promise a response by mid-June (or sooner if you're a hot chick and send a picture)!  

                         -- Tommy DaComic


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