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Camp and Brew 2004 Wrap-up

June 2004

Another Camp and Brew has come and gone...This third one was successful in ways that matter, like raising over $1,600.00 for Brianís Wish...and in some ways that really donít, like 4 kegs of brew consumed.

Although about 75 people filled out the Guest Register, we have heard from many who didnít even know we HAD one.  Estimates range from 90 to over 150 actual visitors to the camp site.

Some have asked if taking this deal on the road to other IRL races is possible...Well, that question might better be asked of my wifeís divorce attorney, as funding might not allow that. (Iím kidding of course...Her attorney hasnít got a clue!!!)

This year we all got a little wet, but as people were going into the track that morning, the popular refrain was, ďWell, the radio stations havenít mentioned a window for the raceĒ but Camp and Brew accurately predicted more of a ĎDoggie Doorí of opportunity and after swinging a few times in each direction, the race was official.  The tornadoes and monsoons that came on the heals of Riceís win, were not too welcome as Camp and Brew members were frantically looking for Wynona Judd to latch onto in case of a twister! 

As Momís couch fades into memory, we already have discussed what will be different next year...Back by popular demand will be the Porta-Pottie, Brianís Wish, Chez Bubba and sidewalk chalk.  Missing, we hope, will be any hint of rain. 

Weíll be there in 2005 and again invite you all to join us.  The beer will flow and we can only trust in God that Mackie and his merry band of bead seeking women will also grace us with their presence.

                         -- Tommy DaComic


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