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2003: Camp and Brew Gets the Corner Spot

On March 4th, 2003, a poster named Grinder-Tank on TrackForum.com started a thread titled "Camp and Brew???" where he asked: "Could someone explain this? It sounds like the way to go."

Within 4 minutes, a response (from mattndallas) came back: "I heard it was a rouge, splinter faction of the IRL Crew, which was formed to promote the same ideas of the crew (support for the IRL), without all the unwanted moral constraints required of 'legitimate organizations'." That was somewhat correct….


Within the hour a more detailed and accurate answer came forth from our good friend dog-ring: "Camp and Brew is run by GlennH and Tommy DaComic. I'll try and look up the website for you but it's adults only...........run by a couple of juveniles" (Yeah, we used to have some party girl pictures posted)

Another attendee, sf-indy-fan, who was at the first 2002 Camp and Brew chimed in "It can't be explained. It can only be experienced." That sums up what was building even though we certainly had no ability, intention or knowledge of what we had laid the foundation of construction over the next 9 years..

At the time, Tommy described it as "... a place to talk racing, gawk at which ever sex does it for you, hoist a few (or a few too many) drinks, maybe some munchies and crash for the afternoon/evening/night, if you need to." It has stayed remarkable close to that summarization. An essential part of that equation that was left out, was our Charity fundraising for Brian's Wish.

Brian was a young man much like any one of us with a caring family and a young son. He also had a fatal disease; Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), known as Lou Gehrig's disease. Brian, it turns out, was also a very big fan of Indy Racing and the Indianapolis 500.

We became aware of Brian through Brian's special caregiver at St. Vincent Hospice in Indianapolis, a wonderful and compassionate racing enthusiast named Barb Lyons. She realized Brian's interest in Indy Racing and mentioned it on TrackForum.com.
Our planning (or dumb luck) reached a new level over 2002 and we acquired the coveted corner spot, much to the disdain of the previous years occupants. It's a first come first serve system and according to them, they originally camped there with Ray Harroun. They did not have a signed deed however, so no matter how much they did not like it and harassed us, we were there to stay!

In 2003, we were fortunate to have the first of many media outlets visit us. Channel 59 put us on the local 10o'clock news. That year, we also an interview we also gave to a Japanese racing website.

ABC Weekend World Report also spent some time with us, but unfortunately it didn't appear that we made it on the air. Their loss, as far as we are concerned, as ESPN would come through big-time for us a few years later.

In addition to drinking a few beers and talking racing, 2003 saw an increase in various colorful strings of beads that made their way around the necks of many fine female race fans. Rumors still not confirmed have them showing up on more than one puppy dog and a mounted policeman’s horse!

  2003 Subtotal
Funds raised for Brian's Wish $800 $1,200
Beer consumed (gallons) 33.25 42.25

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