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2002: The start of it all!

Early in the year, Tom and Glenn started planning to camp out for the Indy 500. Basic plans were made to use Tom and Jim's parents RV and meet Glenn in Indy on Community Day. Although Glenn and Tom had met the previous year at the Kentucky race, it wasn't until shortly after the RV pulled into Indy on May 22nd 2002, that Jim and Glenn met for the first time. It all seems so simple, compared to what it’s grown into 10 years later.

We had become familiar with Brian Hall's fight with ALS and the Brian's Wish foundation and had plans to meet Brian later that evening. When we met Brian's parents and his hospice nurse, Barb, at Community Day, we found out that we would have to reschedule as Brian wasn't having a good day. Unfortunately, we never did get to actually meet Brian because he died early the next morning. The role he would play in the popularity of C&B over the years can not be underestimated.

For that first evening, we then located a suitable backyard just off W 25th Street to park for the night. After paying the homeowner $25.00, we took a historic picture of the three founders hoisting the first Official Brew with a self-timed digital camera propped up on a red wagon.
As a first unofficial act, we then attended a live radio show at McGilvery's Pub that featured Sam Hornish and Billy Boat. One of the radio personalities for the program was Janie Vogel, but did not officially meet her until a year or two later. Now she is quite the C & B staple each year.

Back at our temporary campsite after dark, we saw the start of motorhomes lining up on Georgetown Road. We hightailed it out of there only to be redirected (by the cops - a scenario that would become an annual pain in the rear as described below) to a staging lot off of 30th Street Soon. We never did get that $25.00 back….

We don't really recall much the next morning other than we had tried to stake out a site, but realized quickly that it was a first come first serve, “metal” rules sort of atmosphere. We’ve come to affectionately refer to it as the “land rush” when the gate is finally opened. Unlike most of the other campers, we weren't drunk, (yet) just very tired. We realized that to get the coveted front row spot, you had to have a plan that meant being in line on Georgetown Rd. Then being told to leave by Speedways' Finest. Then, later, getting BACK in line and again getting kicked out many times over the early hours of the morning. Wagers in Vegas could be made on who’s gonna chance getting in line first and then side bets on how long they’ll be there before the police rouse them. This goes on every single year. We hate it - But are powerless to change it, or get our corner spot reserved, and believe us, we've tried!

The Coors Light pile of cans, next to the RV and noted in this picture, in 2002 became a testament to the fact that we had no keg until 2003. There were a few Budweiser cans in there and we've made a point to NOT let that happen since!

Joining us that first year was Carol, the sister of Tom and Jim and a new guy she was dating named Tim. They had only known each other a few weeks, camped out at C&B and 5 short years later got married.

One thing we all will unfortunately never forget, was the guy behind us who blared his over sized speakers until about 4 am each night. We concocted many ways to disable those speakers, but we never did act on the impulses even though the awful German Techno music severely hampered our sleep!

We also met Melissa that year, whose group always camped at the opposite corner end of the Coke Lot, in the front row, from what has become Camp and Brew corner. Seeing her, and her friends in their Class A RV, which is almost ALWAYS the first in line each year, has become a tradition. Giving her one of the first C&B shirts also became quite the tradition too!

It would just not be Indy without the fine oval taste treats known as Long's Donuts. We visited in 2002 and as the photographic evidence shows (picture), the bakery checkered flags were adorned with an Official Camp and Brew 2002 sticker. Over the course of the next few days, our stickers ended up in a variety of places like porta-Johns, the side of a tow truck, on the kitchen door at McGilvery's Pub and one in a secret location on IMS grounds that is STILL there.

As testament to the amateurs we were in our first year methods, our rigged flag pole bent in half in 2002. Due to better planning and expenditure of many $$$, we have since not had that problem. Another gaff that was corrected for the next year was a blue sign with red print declaring Camp and Brew. It was difficult to read, but none-the-less, put us on the map.

A hit that remained popular for the duration was the dry erase board. We flashed all manner of signs at passing cars as well as labeled people behind their back for humorous pictures.

Helio Castroneves won the 2002 race driving in a Dallara/ Chevrolet for Roger Penske that year and is the only driver to ever win twice in his first two starts.

  2002 Subtotal
Funds raised for Brian's Wish $400 $400
Beer consumed (gallons) 9 9

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