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Camp and Brew Update Archive

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Another successful Camp and Brew

June 2005

Tom, Jim and I wish to thank all of you for another successful Camp and Brew! Some of the highlight’s of this year’s event include:

- Great shirts for our guests
- Clean, private porta potty
- Seeing CampAndBrew.com on Cole Carter’s IPS car
- New street signage marking the corner of “Camp” and “Brew”
- No troubles with our neighbors this year
- Coverage of Camp and Brew and Brian’s Wish on WIBC (listen to it here)
- Tommy DaComic being mistaken for Jimmy Kite at the Last Row Party
- Special guest from the IRL spending time with us
- Finding a surprise guest sleeping in Tom's bed Friday evening
- Having Brian's family spend a ton of time with us as well as probably nearly a dozen of his friends coming by.
- Chez Bubba's fantabulous food
- Having one of the ladies who sang the national anthem at C&B and getting pictures with her
- The opportunity to spend time talking and tipping a brew with well over 150 of you folks over the course of the weekend.


Among the fun and frivolity of it all, we continue to be amazed at the generosity of all our online friends who help with our event and give to our designated charity, Brian’s Wish.

I have to admit that I thought we would have a hard time topping the $1,600 we raised last year, but you all came through and we ended up with a total of $2,630 for Brian’s Wish! We thank you, Brian’s family thanks you, and untold numbers of people with ALS/Lou Gehrig’s Disease thank you! Let’s continue to pray that medical research comes up with a cure in the very near future.

I hope we don’t miss anyone, but special thanks are due to the following people who did a variety of things for us and Brian’s Wish over the course of the weekend:

Image Express
Chez Bubba
The family and friends of Brian Hall
TrackSide Online
Irwin Union Bank
Beavercreek Florist
Eads Graphics
American Revolution Racing
Jeff Chiszar
Joe Staysniak
Cause of the Yellow—Dave “The King” Wilson
WIBC (hear the audio from the live remote here)
The IRL and IMS
IMS Parking personnel

To ensure you keep up to date with the latest happening of Camp and Brew, please sign up for our mailing list here.

Thanks again!

Glenn, Tom & Jim


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