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The Final Chapter

June 10, 2011

Well, we've closed the final chapter of Camp and Brew. The weekend was filled with much fun, catching up with dear friends, meeting new friends, and of course drinking some beer. Oh yeah, and how about that race? The 95th running of the Indy 500 on the 100th anniversary of the Indy 500 will go down as one of the more memorable ones in our minds!

In addition to the fun and frivolity of being in the Coke Lot, the Brian's Wish fundraising aspect is very important to us. Since the first year, when an impromptu donation jar started after the death of Brian Hall on Carburetion day, we have incorporated that as a major reason to be here.

Our 2011 event has raised $4,700 in memory and support of a dying young man, that none of us met, and allows us to carry his “wish” forward! Our 10 year total donation to Brian's Wish/ALS/Lou Gehrig's disease awareness and research now tops $36,505. While this wasn't a record breaking year, we are still very pleased with the generosity of our many friends and can only say a humble "thank-you" to you all! We appreciate the support of our event by in-person donations, donations at our website, and from participating in our online 50-50 race pools.

Another reason that we are passionate about this event each May is the friendships that have been forged. The common link of racing has truly crossed over many lines and brought to us people that we would have never otherwise met. Each year, some of them are unable to visit C&B and we miss them and hope to see them the following year.

By now all the 2011 race pool winners have been notified and paid out. We appreciate the extra generosity of some of the folks who donated their winnings back to Brian's Wish!

Here's some fun facts to complete this update.

Year Gallons of
Beer consumed
Running total of
Beer consumed
Brian's Wish
Running total of
Brian's Wish donations
2002 9 9 $400 $400
2003 33.25 42.25 $800 $1,200
2004 48.75 91 $1,640 $2,840
2005 66.5 157.5 $2,630 $5,470
2006 66.5 224 $5,285 $10,755
2007 82 306 $4,600 $15,355
2008 82 388 $5,415 $20,770
2009 76.5 464.5 $5,535 $26,305
2010 68.75 533.25 $5,600 $31,905
2011 61 594.25 $4,700 $36,605

Thanks for all your support of the 10 years of Camp and Brew and although this is the final Camp and Brew, I'm sure we'll see many of you on future Indy 500 race weekends!

Thank you all very much!
--TommyD, GlennH, JimmyD, Sue, Andy, Mike, Roach and Scott



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